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Yahoo! Messenger & Yahoo! 360º Working Together


The new version of Yahoo! Messenger has a great new feature called "plug-ins."  

Plug-ins are free, mini-applications that can be easily added to Yahoo! Messenger with Voice so that Messenger becomes more personal and interactive for you.

There's a Yahoo! 360º plug-in on Messenger that lets you do some pretty cool stuff. You can read updates from your friends, see if you have new blog comments, and even write a blast or a blog entry – all from within Yahoo! Messenger .

A picture's worth a thousand words, as they say, so here's a screenshot of what I can see from Messenger when I click my Yahoo! 360º plug-in:


Also, if you currently use Yahoo! Messenger, you might have noticed a gold star thingy (we officially call it a "gleam") next to certain screen names. It means these people have updated content on Yahoo! 360º. With the new version of Yahoo! Messenger, the gleam will appear for every new blog or blast and even includes the title of the blog or the blast message.

Activate your plug-in now so you can start with all the features that make it even easier to use Yahoo! 360º. To activate it, you must first install the new version of Yahoo! Messenger. The steps for this are easy and complete, if you haven't already gone through them.

-- Ernie H.

    Front-end engineer, Yahoo! 360º

(Oh, one more thing -  some of you have mentioned you'd like to stop the Yahoo! 360º blog from showing up in your friends' updates. Removing the blog is easy: Go to the My Friends tab, and select Favorites from the left-hand column. Scroll to the name "Yahoo 360 Team," and check the box to the left. Click "Remove from your Favorites." That's it.  As for recovering from our bruised, fragile egos, well, that will take us a while.)

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