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50 AJAX Reference Websites From Around the World


As a consistent devotee of the AJAX scene over the past year or so I have hundreds of feeds in my reader. Recently, I've had several email requests from readers requesting to know what AJAX websites I visit daily. While I visit any title that interest me, these are the sites I go to consistently.

Since the coining of the the term AJAX over a year ago hundreds if not thousands of websites, blogs and forums have been buzzing with posts on the subject. As I've found this can sometimes leave search engines bewildered as to where the current and relevant information really exists. So I thought I would put together this list of what I think are some of the most relevant AJAX sites are worldwide.

Please consider this list of AJAX reference sites to be in its infancy. I don't read as many languages as I'd like to so the current list is rather limited by language. Please feel free to add to this list by adding a comment to this post with other useful AJAX resource sites. If you think the idea of a moderated AJAX website resource list is a good idea let me know and I'll set up a wiki.

Special thanks to all of the hard working developers who are spending their free time share their knowledge with all of us!



Simply one of the best AJAX sites on the web. Daily updates, insightful commentary and coverage of Ajax development around the world.


Daily AJAX content with sreenshots and commentary.


Ajax Camp is a community for learning, interacting, and asking questions about web-based development using Javascript and Ajax.


Very active forums focusing on AJAX

AJAX Freaks

This website exists to provide you with information to use while learning or developing AJAX. If you need AJAX Help or you would like to provide AJAX Help to other developers, you are in the right place.


All things ajax, css, dhtml, xml, javascript, and geekier

AJAX Goals

AJAX site with forums, code samples, news and articles


AJAX blog by Kishore

AJAX Impact

Very nice AJAX Community with great references

AjaxLessons is a resource for ajax tutorials as well as information surrounding Ajax and web 2.0.


AJAX Community with a blog, forum and tutorials


AJAX links, code samples and news

AJAX Magazine

AJAX blog focusing on new AJAX developments.


Ajax Matters is an informational site about AJAX (short for "Advanced Javascripting and XML" or "Asynchronous JavaScripting and XML") and how these technologies are applied to web development. Simply put, I started Ajax Matters to collect and share information about the XMLHTTPRequest object, JavaScript and XML.

AJAX Patterns

The publicly editable repository of all things Ajax. Design Patterns, Frameworks, Libraries, Tools and Links

AJAX Projects

AJAX Projects categorized by programming language

AJAX Review

AJAX and web 2.0 dissected. The purpose of this site is simple. Take nifty web-tools, analyze them, post screenshots, and help people find useful (and not so useful) web applications


Discuss the new web

Ajax Technology Forums

Asynchronous JavaScript And XML Ajax forums, discussions and tech issues.

Ajax Tutorial

Ajax help for newbies


AJAX resources and information

AJAX World

AJAX discussion group with over a thousand members!

Aspects of AJAX

AJAX blog with loads of resources

Coding In Paradise

Excellent and thoughtful AJAX tutorials and techniques by Brad Neuberg

Cyber Dummy

AJAX code samples and source code

Fiftyfoureleven consists of a weblog and resources that focus on web development: designing, programming, copywriting and more.

Jep's Rich User Interfaces blog

About AJAX Performance and some other things by Jep Castelein of Backbase


AJAX blog by Chris van de Steeg author of LiveGrid

Mozilla Developer Center

Great site to get a first look at AJAX.

Panasonic Youth

AJAX blog by Rob Sanheim with a focus on AJAX and Java


Protolize is a place where we share most commonly used and helpful tools out there that we like to use as a web designer + developer.

Rob Gonda

Great AJAX Coldfusion content with commentary

Software As She’s Developed

AJAX, java, patterns, usability by Michael Mahemoff

There and Back Again

The weblog of Joshua Eichorn, AJAX, PHP and Open Source

Tony Yoo

I've been getting many requests from people asking for this page where they can access different resources that are not included in website. So I've decided to keep this page up for those people.

Web 2.0 Technologies

Blog with resources for AJAX, javaScript and rails


On Ajax

Italian blog covering AJAX developments


Italian AJAX community site with forums, demos and articles


Italian language site with resources for AJAX, javascript and PHP.


Ajax Aspekte

German language AJAX blog with loads of resources

AJAX Community

German language site devoted to AJAX and web 2.0 developments.

Ajax Info

German language blog focusing on AJAX and web 2.0.

Ajax Scripting

A nice German language ajax blog.

Alvit - The Web Developers Handbook

A German website written in English full of web dev resources. There is a nice section on AJAX, DOM and css


German blog presented in English with some nice AJAX references and projects by Matthias Hertel


Ajax Blog

Japanese Ajax presented in English (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) blog by Yukio Andoh.


Japanese language AJAX site providing code samples and source code


Japanese site presented in English with AJAX resources



Korean language site coving AJAX, JSP and XML



Spanish language site with a useful AJAX section

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