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Announcing free software graphics drivers for Intel i965 chipset


The Intel Open Source Technology Center graphics team is pleased to announce

the immediate availability of free software drivers for the Intel 965

Express Chipset family graphics controller. These drivers include support

for 2D and 3D graphics features for the newest generation Intel graphics

architecture. The project Web site is

This release represents the start of a long term effort by Intel to work

with the and Mesa communities to continuously improve and enhance

the drivers.  While these drivers represent significant work at both

Tungsten Graphics and Intel, as our first release of this code, they're

still in need of significant testing, tuning and bug fixing before

they'll be ready for production use. We're releasing them now to

demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing free software drivers

for Intel hardware.

The Intel 965 Express Chipset represents the first product family that

implements fourth generation Intel graphics architecture. Designed to

support advanced rendering features in modern graphics APIs, this chipset

family includes support for programmable vertex, geometry, and fragment

shaders. By open sourcing the drivers for this new technology, Intel enables

the open source community to experiment, develop, and contribute to the

continuing advancement of open source 3D graphics.

We would like to especially thank our partners at Tungsten Graphics - Alan

Hourihane and Keith Whitwell - for developing the new 3D driver and enhancing

the 2D driver to support the new hardware.

Intel has assembled a team within the Open Source Technology Center to

manage Intel graphics driver development going forward:


        Eric Anholt <eric.anholt at>

        Guangdeng Liao <guangdeng.laio at>

        Keith Packard <keith.packard at>

        Zhenyu Wang < at>


        Gordon Jin <gordon.jin at>

        Shuang He <shuang.he at>

        Wang Wei < at>

        Weiliang Chong <weiliang.chong at>

        Wu Nian <nian.wu at>

Following the release of this driver, future work will continue in the

public and Mesa project source code repositories. The project Web site,, will serve as the central site for users of

Intel graphics hardware in open source operating systems.


keith.packard at

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