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Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista: Getting Closer!


Phiên bản Yahoo! Messenger cho Windows Vista sắp ra đời, theo như thông báo từ blog của Yahoo! Messenger. Nôn quá mọi người ui.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic comments on this blog about the upcoming version of Yahoo! Messenger built specifically for Windows Vista. The team hears you loud and clear, and we can’t wait for launch day either! We are working hard to make a download available for your honest feedback and thorough testing. And of course those who have provided their email address will be the first to know when it is ready.

Some of the things we’ve been working on since the last update include:

- Performance optimization for a smooth and responsive experience
- Integrated feedback system for bug reporting and feature ideas
- Updated tab-based navigation
- Ability to install both versions of Yahoo! Messenger for Windows
on the same computer at once
- Updated visual design for desktop icons and Sidebar gadget
- Vector-based animated emoticons
- Aeroglass window integration
- And some things we’ll tell you about later…

Please stay tuned, and thanks again for your patience.

Josh Jacobson
Senior Product Manager, Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista

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