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older and more mature


I've changed a lot since I have a baby.

Before I'am lazy, and selfish. Now, I think more about the others, especially for my daugher. I'm always worried about her. I'am happy when she is strong but I' am so sad if there's sth wrong with her. I can spend all night for watching her asleep.

Actually, I felt so stressed at the beginning. I coudn't afford of her crying. I couldn't stand of geting up several times at night . I felt that I lose my freedom and sometimes I thought that I was too young to have a baby. I even thought that may be the decision of marrige and having baby was wrong.

But everything is ok now. I love my baby and my little family. I'm a happy woman now. Since the birth of my daughter, I've many things and don't lose anything.

I've though much about my career. Before, I could quit the job easily . Now, I think about a stable and well paid job.

Because of seeking a good job, I have to learn E. French is not enough. I spend much of time on learning E. It's the first time I decide to learn E seriously. now, my life is full of E, I have 5 E classes a week in the evening. In the day, when I have free time, I learn E, too. Sometimes, I speak E with my husband. In the night, when I get up to feed up my baby, I can't asleep because I think about E, about what I've learnt. Even in the dreams, I see myself speaking E. It's been only a week since I started learning E . Perhaps, in 3 months, I'll be very good at E or I'll be mad.

Finally, I'm looking for a job now. By the way, if you khow any copany wants to hire a young, fashionable, and talented marketing manager, remember introduce me, ok?

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linh_chi nói...

Stay ats home with your baby, do nothing now, hee hee

13:53 22 tháng 1, 2008

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